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We Dont Say Were The Best, Our Customers Do!

At Josie's Pizza and Wings, we understand that customer loyalty begins with us. The quality and consistency of our food,the service and the ambience we provide you with makes all the difference. Whether you are a new customer or a long standing customer of ours, we pride ourselves in delivering authentic and fresh New York Style dishes, friendly service in a casual and familiar ambience every time. A family owned and operated, we enjoy exceeding your expectations and welcome the opportunity to earn your trust. Josies is the kind of authentic neighborhood restaurant that has a cozy and family friendly atmosphere. Josies is the type of restaurant where customers send their friends. The finest ingredients, made from scratch, delivered and sliced daily a touch of family love makes Josie's Pizza and Wings the best place to come and enjoy Pizza and Wings in Orlando.

We are happy to say that most of our customers are of the most loyal around. Most have been coming since the first day we opened, twenty years ago. Some consider us their home away from home, many others move away and make it a point to dine with us when they are back in town. They include plenty of New Yorkers who come for a visit every time they leave the city or state, claiming our pizza is bthe best south of Brooklyn and at times better than establishments up North. We truly Thank You for that! Read below what our customers have to say about us. Then come on in and join us for a fantastic meal and a great time!

If you would like to tell us about your experience, we'd love to hear from you! Please use to contact us page to send us your thoughts.

Camilla G.

We love ordering from Josies Pizza and Wings for several reasons. The food is delicious and the service is fast and friendly! We usually have our food delivered and the delivery is fast and the prices are comparable to other chains near us. The menu has a wide variety of delicious foods to choose from- most popular being the pizza and wings. They also have outstanding subs. I would definitely recommend Josies to anyone that enjoys good food and great service at a great price.

Twan J.

R.I.P Flyers wings!!! I've been going here for about 2yrs now. Every since I ate here, I havent been back to flyers! So i'll be bold and PROMISE that if you eat here, you will never go back to flyers!!!


Two words: Simply delicious! Best pizza I have had in florida since cocoa village!! will definitely be back!


Last year I moved out of the Metrowest area, to a new apartment that is considerably further away from Josies, at least for fulfilling my pizza needs. I live near plenty of pizza joints, including a NYPD Pizza... but none of them cut it. When I need a good pie, I still have to make the 20 minute drive to Josies. I still order broccoli and black olives, and add avocado when I get home. It's incredibly good. But, I have a new love at Josies. In fact, I just discovered that a coworker who used to live in Metrowest has the same fascination with this specific menu item: Josies wings are legitimately the best I'm currently eating. They are just the right amount of crispy, have a light but flavorful sauce (I order hot) and work so well with ranch. I can down 20 without even thinking about it. They are insanely addictive. Also - more good news. Management now accepts coupons electronically, meaning you can walk in and show the coupon you found online, directly to someone at the cash register, using your smartphone. Kudos for this. So my overall thought in this new review of Josies: Come for the pizza, stay for the wings.

Bryan B.

To really experience as restaurant (it's food, it's atmosphere, it's employees) you need to visit more than once. If that restaurant is consistent each time you dine there, you have a keeper. I have been going to Josie's for longer than I can remember. It has all the charm of a family restaurant with the energy and excitement of a sports bar. The employees make you feel welcome and they remember your name (which always makes you feel good). There is no better place in Orlando for cheesy pizza, delicious hot wings, and a cold beer. I love Josie's, my daughter loves Josie's, my mother loves Josie's, you get the picture. This is my favorite pizza and wing restaurant, hands down.

Melissa N.

Always Great!! We have been going here for quite awhile & have never been let down. The food & service is always right on. Check it out you won't be disappointed.

Schimmel MD

Love this place! Hot wings extra crispy are the best in the area. Pizza is great to, nickel beer on wensday and they have amazing service to top it off. I'm now hungry. So I'm going to Josie's now for wings beer and football.

Jason P.

I’ve been to Josie’s Pizza and Wings dozens of times. The pizza is always great. While I always get the 2 slice lunch special, I would only imagine a fresh pie to be even better.

Debbie D.

Just had their wings. They were delicious.

H. Dickson

Personable and Tasty! I really like Josie's. It has a very small-town neighborhood feel to it. The staff is so friendly, they learn your names and make pleasant conversation and are always concerned with whether you like your food or not. The food itself is very good, sometimes the portions are a little small but still tasty nonetheless. It's not super-cheap, most individually portioned items are around $8, but the variety on the menu, the excellent service and the comfort that you feel there make it all worthwhile. Will definitely recommend this place to friends, and will return myself!

Rickey L.

Food, Beautiful paintings on the wall, adding passion and color to the atmosphere, Smiling staff, kids and old arcade games in back featuring a classic fav. Packman, Flat screens at every angle, besides all that, the best NY style pizza and wings yet in orlando!s

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